Jet Airways London Heathrow to Amritsar Flights via Delhi

London Heathrow to Amritsar Flights on Jet Airways (9W) via Delhi
Day Flight No From TO Departure Arrival
Monday 9W-121 London Amritsar Mon 20:40 Tues 14:00
Tuesday 9W-123 London Amritsar Tues 20:40 Wed 14:00
Wednesday 9W-123 London Amritsar Wed 20:40 Thurs 14:00
Thursday 9W-123 London Amritsar Thurs 20:40 Fri 14:00
Friday 9W-123 London Amritsar Fri  20:40 Sat 14:00
Saturday 9W-123 London Amritsar Sat 20:40 Sun 14:00
Sunday 9W-123 London Amritsar Sun 20:40 Mon 14:00

Amritsar to London Heathrow Flights on Jet Airways (9W) Direct NON STOP
Day Flight No From  TO Departure Arrival
Monday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Mon 09:35 Mon 16:55
Tuesday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Tues 09:35 Tues 16:55
Wednesday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Wed 09:35 Wed 16:55
Thursday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Thurs 09:35 Thurs 16:55
Friday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Fri 09:35 Fri 16:55
Saturday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Sat 09:35 Sat 16:55
Sunday 9W-122 Amritsar  London Sun 09:35 Sun 16:55
Airport Code
London LHR
Amritsar  ATQ
Jet Airways 9W
Please note all timings are indicative and intended for guidance only.  Please consult us for exact timings.
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Jet Airways Flights to Amritsar