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Step -motherly treatment to the Raja Sansi Airport (Read 1 times)
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Step -motherly treatment to the Raja Sansi Airport
Mar 23rd, 2009, 7:55am
Step -motherly treatment to the Raja Sansi Airport

Amritsar: 23 March09(                     ) Amritsar Vikas Manch has alleged that the Akali—BJP government of Punjab is deliberately giving out  step motherly treatment to the Raja Sansi Airport Amritsar . In a letter to S. Parkash Singh Badal Chief Minister and S. Sukhbir Singh Badal Deputy Chief Minister Punjab, the Manch patrons Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala and Prof. Mohan Singh said that on one side the Punjab government has acquired 300 acres land at an exorbitant price of Rs 450 crores within a exceptional unprecedented time of 3-4 months for the Mohali airport and an international airport is being constructed near Ludhiana on 3000 acres, but on the other hand, the height of biased treatment, the Punjab government is deliberately delaying the acquisition of merely 44 acres for the Amritsar airport, at a very nominal cost of  10—12 crores which was to be acquired in July 2007 which is needed for  a parallel taxi track. An aircraft takes the parallel taxi track soon after landing so that the runway is not blocked. Still after nearly two years, the 44 acres has not been acquired for the reasons best known to the government. The Manch leaders further said that the Mohali airport, even the construction of which has not started yet, is being provided with a six lane expressway up to Phagwara, for which the acquisition notifications has already been issued.  But the Punjab government is not bothered to provide six lane expressway approach to the Raja Sansi international airport Amritsar, which is getting 60—65 international flights per week from/to many destinations of the world with more than 5 lakh passengers annually. S.Manohar Singh Gill, Union Minister of Sports and S. Navjot Singh  Sidhu Member Parliament has been demanding that 1000 acres should be acquired for the expansion of Amritsar airport, but the Punjab government is not paying any attention to them.

                                      The Manch leaders have said that it is very much clear from the attitude of the Punjab government that it is not interested at all for the development of Amritsar airport. The policy of the Akali-BJP government always remained anti Amritsar. The priority of the Punjab government is not the holy City of Amritsar, which is known as the Mecca of the Sikhs besides the birthplace of Shiromai Akali Dal and S.G.P.C., but it is always towards Mohali, Ludhiana, Faridkot and Bathinda. Now, the development of new airports at Mohali and Ludhiana in spite of developing Amritsar airport, constructing of expressway from still non existent Mohali airport to Phagwara instead of from Amritsar airport up to Ludhiana and another up to Bathinda via Faridkot and  the deliberate delay in the acquisition of merely 44 acres of land for the expansion of Amritsar airport proves that the Punjab government has no affection and regard for Guru Di Nagri Amritsar. The visits of various political leaders and Ministers of the Punjab government to Sh. Harmandir Sahib is merely a political stunt.

                       The Manch leaders have appealed to S. Parkash Singh  Badal and S.Sukhbir Singh Badal that if the Punjab government really has any respect for the holy city then it should develop Amritsar airport on the scale and pattern of Delhi airport, postpone the construction of new international airports in the state till the Amritsar airport develops into a full fledged international airport, immediately acquire 44 acres of land for the expansion of Amritsar airport, start the process of expressway from Amritsar airport to Ludhiana and another up to Bathianda via Faridkot and also start the process of acquisition of one thousand acres for the expansion of Amritsar airport. Keeping in mind the world wide importance of Amritsar city and the facilities for nearly 20 million tourists from across the Globe annually, the Punjab government should undertake the all around development of Amritsar city besides its Raja Sansi Airport and should make Amritsar as a face of Punjab instead of Mohali.  
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