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India Visa Information (Read 17 times)
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India Visa Information
Dec 15th, 2007, 5:54pm
All British passport holders must have a valid visa for entry into India. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity for you to get a visa.

Tourist Visa is available for 30.00 which is valid for 6 months and a long term visa is 90.00 valid for 5 years.

Please note, there is a temptation to use agents to secure your visa. Please be very careful since many agents have lost passports and failed to get the proper visa. You also need to careful that no identity fraud is carried out - you are providing all the information about yourself including your passport, photos and personal details to a third party with no security.

We would recommend that you either go in person or send the visa as a postal application direct to the India High Commission. We have provided a link here for you to download the VISA WORD document or the VISA PDF document:

You can download the visa here:
For Word Format India Visa:http://www.amritsartravel.com/india_visa.doc

For pdf Format India Visa:http://www.amritsartravel.com/india_visa.pdf

The High Commission of India, London, has decided to restore receiving Indian visa applications through Royal Mail special delivery service w.e.f. November 05 2007.

We are listing below the procedure from the India High Commission Website - http://www.hcilondon.net/

Please allow minimum 15 working days for processing of postal applications excluding postal transit.

The general information for application by post is given below:


No action will be taken on any communication received without the Sender's name & full postal address on the outside of the envelope. We accept no responsibility in case of loss/delay of documents.

1. Obtain latest visa application form and all other additional forms where applicable by downloading from our website or from Fax-Back No.: 0906 44 45 43 or from the High Commission of India by sending a stamped SAE.

2. All columns of the Application Form must be filled in Black Ink and BLOCK Letters

3. Processing of application forms will take a minimum of 15 working days and in some cases longer especially during September to February. Posting of application should be properly timed to ensure that visa would cover duration of stay in India, allowing time for processing and postal transit. Please note that the visa is valid from date of issue and not the date of travel. No refund or amendment will be made after the application is processed and visa is issued. Please check the latest visa fees and estimated processing time before posting your application form/passport/fee etc., to avoid delay or rejection of application due to submission of incorrect fee/documents.

4. Please send valid passport, correct visa fee, two recent passport size photos, a Special Delivery SAE with correct address and post code along with duly filled application form and additional forms / supporting documents where applicable. Send applications by Special Delivery only.

5. Please enclose correct visa fee by crossed Postal Order or Bank Draft only payable to The High Commission of India (no personal cheques or cash please). Under no circumstances, should cash be sent by post.

6. Applications, which are incomplete or not accompanied by correct fee/documents, will be returned without processing. The High Commission of India will not be responsible for any delay/loss caused as a consequence.

7. Applications should only be addressed to the Postal Visa Department of this High Commission to avoid delay.

Indian visas can be obtained in the UK from the High Commission of India, London or other Consulates at the addresses mentioned below:

High Commission of India
India House
London WC2B 4NA

Visa Information Service: 09068 44 45 44*

Visa Application Form Faxback: 09068 44 45 43

Working Hours: Queue numbers are issued to visa applicants between 0830hrs - 1030hrs Mondays to Fridays, except holidays

Consulate General of India, Birmingham
20 Augusta Street
Jewellery Quarter, Hockley
Birmingham, B18 6JL
Please contact the Consulate for the current working hours for Visa Services
Tel: 0121 212 2782

Consulate General of India, Edinburgh
17 Rutland Square
Edinburgh, EH1 2BB
Please contact the Consulate for the current working hours for Visa services
Tel: 0131 229 2144

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Reply #1 - Dec 22nd, 2007, 9:22pm

Myconcern here is not about visa. I juss have a short message for the airport authorities. The airport as it stands right now though things have changed quite significantly but the truth is even after 3 years of chnges (currently in nascent stage) the airport wouldnt be appealing. I do nto know whether this is right or not but i feel that the steps should be taken at this stage itself to be able to accomodate and get the basic foundations right for the airport to withstand any kind of refurbishments...i mean all of the money spent right should not be short term...it is the services that we would appreciate more than just the structure...cleaniless...aroma..professionalism..calmness in atmosphere..lively airport..thats wat tiks for me atleast...and if this can be supplmented by above average a/c refreshment joints and courteous and helpful staff..not deceitful!!!honesty is the biggest virtue.

i do not know whether it fully gov run or partially privately run....but certainly it could be able to lessen its bureaucratic burden...attract attention (bigger picture) and ultimately earn amritsar a brand equity. I can see the things are moving...but the question here is that how efficient are they...a touch of creativity...keeping feedback forms on the desks and asking the ignorant or illiterate or even literate passengers does not define people's desires...or asking reluctantly the passengers or people regarding the services does not define the kind of services provided...it is something more..i am sure u r aware of it....staff should love their job...people hired should be interested in the field...if one is seeing a colleague as a client/supplier/dealer and oneself as a buyer etc...then aslo maybe one can improve...this could mean any service rather anything...god bless
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