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 Airlines: Turkmenistan Air India Uzbekistan Jet Airways
 Birmingham to Amritsar: 4 Flights via Ashgabat 6 Flights NON STOP ----- ----
 London to Amritsar: 2 Flights via Ashgabat 1 Flight via Delhi 2 Flights via Tashkent 3 Flights NON STOP
 Birmingham to Delhi: via Ashgabat via Amritsar via Tashkent ----
 London to Delhi: via Ashgabat NON STOP DIRECT via Tashkent NON STOP DIRECT
Reconfirm Before Dep 3 days before 3 days before 3 days before Not Required
Baggage Allowance 25KG plus 5KG 30KG plus 5KG 30KG plus 5KG 30KG plus 5KG

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